Sunday, November 13, 2011


It has been a long time since I've blogged, a really long time. Ben and I disconnected our home internet and just use our phones now. So since June of 2010 there has been lots of stuff going on. We had a great summer in 2010, but in August Ben lost his job. His work fired him saying he had broken one of the life saving rules and he really hadn't. He went to great lengths to prove he didn't break the rules. He fought against them with the union on his side. He finally got his job back January 2011. Well in November 2010 I was laid off from my job. So for a few months we were both out of work. It was quite scary but luckily we made it through. We had help of course and I am truely grateful for the programs we were able to use while we were both unemployed. So in June 2011 I was finally able to get a job. I work for Sandy OB/GYN. It is where I use to work back in 2005 to 2007 until I had the boys. Oh my boys! They are almost 4! I can't believe how fast time flies. They started pre-school this fall and they love it! Their teacher is Miss Tammy and she is awesome. The boys listen so well to her and they are learning so much. Summer 2011 was so much fun too. We went swimming, four wheeling and camping. At the end of the summer we bought another camping trailer. We sold our last one just a few months after we bought it and it is a good thing cause this new one fits us better. It has a front bedroom and that is exactly what we wanted the first time. It is better and safer for the boys. We only used it one time cause on our way home from that one camping trip our drive line busted on our truck. So by the time we got the truck fixed we had no more free weekends to go camping. Now it is winterized and put away for the winter. Oh well, we will go a lot next year. We also bought ben's dad's side by side four wheeler. It has a back seat so the boys can ride with us. So we have got a lot coming up with the holidays and the boys birthday. Can't wait for it to all be over! Don't get me wrong I love the holidays, but it is so busy and somewhat stressful. Happy Holidays!

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